The shimmering surf coast, pink-tinged sunsets, long campfire nights, and a summer that won’t end.
This is the sound of EU-based singer-songwriter, Timo Pankau.
Timo´s acoustic pop-folk is honest, heart-on-sleeve stuff: commanding, energetic, and dripping with pathos and nostalgia, driven by guitar, loops, harmonica, didgeridoo and vocal percussion.

After spending the better part of the last decade touring the USA, New Zealand, and the sand-studded Australian East Coast, Pankau has since returned to his Berlin HQ, to the acclaim of his local following. Studded by visions of life abroad, Timo’s demo EP On the Road morphs in 2020 into a slicker release: a long-awaited debut EP featuring new and re-released tracks through Berlin’s Famous Gold Watch Studios. Debut singles, Never Too Late and Sound of the Ocean are due for release this summer, with full EP scheduled thereafter with Euro tours scheduled for 2020-21, Timo’s traveling heart beats on, ever in pursuit of the endless sun, and the rolling whitewash of his musical dreams.

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